sleepytobito1mon 24d

im leaving in 10 days. im more unhappy than i've ever been. i don't like it here anymore. i hate myself more than i have in my life. the playerbase on here is unfortunately riddled with toxic users and irl things aren't too hot either. im done. bye.

Apfel1mon 24d
jackhammer1mon 24d
take care of yourself sleepytobito :(
syd1mon 24d
stay safe tyler, if you still plan to be on discord feel free to message me. im always here for you

im sorry you're not feeling too good atm, you deserve to feel all the happiness in the world

if you dont feel mentally well enough to be on the site i support your decision to leave as long as it does you good

i love you friend
wink1mon 24d
love you bud, please take good care of yourself and if you ever pop back in, i will welcome you with open arms.

like syd said, if you don't feel safe here, we wholeheartedly support your decision to leave. leaving unhealthy environments is extremely important for your wellbeing and you deserve to be surrounded with things that make you comfortable.

feel free to discord me at any time (i promise i will not be shtty with responding like i usually am)

<3 <3 <3
nicoleyrenaa1mon 24d
i hope things get better for you <3
bansheewhat1mon 24d
never come back for your own good
elliotica1mon 24d
i hope when you come back you have the strength to kick banshees so hard it inverts!
daprinceomar1mon 24d
Hey man dont leave. You are actually one of the players i like most here. Dont be upset, take a break and play in sandbox, people are nicer. I hope everything gets better for u :)
Clair1mon 23d
hey dude it's a pretty good idea. epicmafia doesn't benefit anyone much really, way better things to invest your time in
Enamored1mon 23d
it sucks that something enjoyable can be ruined by toxicity :(
good for you for getting out but im sorry something fun was ruined for you. i hope things IRL gets better and you have a good support system <3
Upgrade1mon 23d
good luck sleepy!
twinfawn1mon 23d
hate to see you go :( but I totally agree that this cesspool can be awful for one’s mental health. I will miss you and hope to see you soon when you are feeling a bit better <3 take care of yourself pls!!!
sleepy sucks