pls stop defending me3

sleepytobito1mon 24d

So I get reported recently for this:

and I've addressed this a couple times on lobby wall and in games but like this is hopefully permanent if i'm careful and inspired by people like Crucial, stdbrain and bansheewhat defending me a little. Especially these two: and

Now, I have nothing against any of these users, sometimes i think they say problematic things but that happens and I kind of respect how much someone believes things to keep i guess fighting for them regardless of backlash. But I digress.

Whilst I stand by the point I was trying to make, the method was not right. It was very wrong for a number of reasons. One being bringing up the name of the recently deceased to prove a point adds a non-consensual ally to the point, it risks triggering other people who are likely still grieving, it puts words in the mouth of someone who can no longer speak for themselves, it is very guilt trippy and sounds like i'm blaming someone for it. This is even worse when you realise I did not really know him, I was never friends with him, barely played with him etc.

I still stand by that a lot of players on comp are toxic. I still stand by a lot of people claim to care about mental health when they don't. But using a very recent death of someone I didn't know to prove that point is not something I will ever stand by.

I really do appreciate the support and people knowing I'm not a completely disgusting human being and understanding I wasn't coming from a place of malice. As a person with low empathy issues, that means a lot. But I don't feel this is something I want to defend. And don't get it twisted here I'm not sitting around beating myself up calling myself horrible or anything, that's not how I roll. I'm merely owning my shit here and growing as a person.

If anyone has any questions or anything please just ask, some might be more appropriate to pm or discord message if they contain triggering information.

But please don't defend my actions, I don't want my name to promote that kind of stuff. Thanks for reading, sorry for my insensitivity and immaturity.

bansheewhat1mon 24d
no i was being a smart jerk; get over it
sleepytobito1mon 24d
no i was being a smart jerk; get over it

dude im being nice to you, why are you being a to me here?
bansheewhat1mon 24d
what? i actually didn't report ivana because of that report on you the same way i reported myself for that report on beffers. i was just literally being a jerk.

i don't wanna talk about benny