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I'm not a whizz when it comes to envisioning setups so this is a thread for anyone's and everyone's opinion. I'll post as I make setups or update ones I've already made.

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Tried again at a setup I created way back when I was active.
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Nice thread loser, would be a shame if someone......started memeing in it.
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your presence devalues any thread... time to delete this

Tried again at a setup I created way back when I was active.
I kinda think mechs are useless, especially with: Jan, Godfather, Suspect, and Cop sanities.

My honest criticism is that the setup doesn't make much sense, and the role synergies are weak to moderately strong at best. Cop + Doc is strong (even in Basic Variant), but with Cop being not so clear and having "two Cops" it's moderately strong at best.

But maybe it's just because I'm in the latest generation where having a clear who hammers is the meta.
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I designed it like that on purpose. I wanted a predominantly scumhunt setup where the prs themselves are fairly useless at first but if you can work for it and piece things together, they can give quite valuable information.

Regarding the specific roles you mentioned:
Jan - The original had nilla instead of jan. I thought the original might be too townsided so I switched it for jan but I'm still not convinced which version is more balanced. I actually think the nilla version might be better?

Cop sanities/Godfather/Suspect - As I mentioned above, I had a particular vision in mind while making this that revolved around this combination of roles. Determining the sanity of the cop is a minigame within the setup and gives you an easier path toward victory. But, even then, each piece of information may still need to be questioned to some extent. Suspect instead of miller because I believe the latter would make it too mafsided.

I'm tired so I don't know if I explained my thought process clearly enough.
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I thought about it and I didn't like the bomb in the multi.
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yeah bomb puts town in 4way