Forum Mafia - [REDACTED]7

This is an early interest/signups thread. I want to do an 11p game of Forum Mafia, not sure what the theme is or any of the roles, but I want to take the slot early so nobody else can snipe me :doge:

If anyone is interested, it will probably be 3-4 days after Greek Mafia and Vengence Mafia both finish.

Everyone needs a break - if you want more time before the game starts, just let me know and I will gladly delay the start.

Oh and uh I'm not sure when those 2 games will finish, so I just made this so nobody makes a game start immediately after lol
it would be nice if you could comment if you had interest cough cough spondee cough cough

just joking but pls i would like to know who really wants to play and who's just voting
yes, [redacted] want [data expunged]
DkKoba13d 1h
let me cohost :)
let me cohost :)
alive10d 1h
what theme are you doing
joqiza3d 12h
sam rn:

Do you want to join?