Trash Thread: Part Vyf29

rct6mon 1d

Quarantine Edition!

Hi, sadbox has its dumpster back.

Ask me questions or just insult me here, no limits (at least as long as they're not things you can immediately get banned for). Spam me on discord if you want a faster answer. I tend to leave for long stretches due to life.

Title inspired by filko. Comment a language to choose the title of Trash Thread 6 when it happens. Thread will be locked at the end of 2020 or when a vaccine happens, whichever comes first.

rctNov 17, 2020
Hi EM.
aquariusNov 17, 2020
Hi rct :3
plokNov 17, 2020
hi rct
rct27d 6h
2020 is almost over?

Nakhhash27d 3h
thoughts on video game league of legends
Chinatsu27d 2h
bad, would be better if somebody was willing to come on jp to play with me
Nakhhash27d 2h
rct you look different?
Anubis27d 1h
bad, would be better if somebody was willing to come on jp to play with me
rct27d 3m

In this forum?


thoughts on video game league of legends
Not a PC gamer myself, so my opinion is probably invalid.


Game over!
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Will I ever make a thread outside of the Spam section?