Rule changes.4

charley6mon 1d

Whenever the moderation team make changes to the current rules, we will make a post in the comments below explaining the changes.

charleyJul 28, 2020
Changes have been made to the Hateful Comments rule to remove leniency that was previously given.

There will be no HC 1st - Warning now. The first HC vio will result in a 12 hour suspension and 24 hours forum/comment/chat suspension.

In addition, HC vios will now expire after 6 months instead of 3.
charleyJul 31, 2020
The Inappropriate Avatar, Inappropriate Bio, Inappropriate Name, and X-Rated Material violations have been combined together and added to the Inappropriate Content rule.

The punishments are now:

1. 12 Hour Suspension and 24 Hour Forum Suspension
2. 24 Hour Suspension and Forum, Comment, and Chat Ban
3. Site Ban

This violation can result in immediate site ban at moderator discretion (this was already the case, but now it's codified!)
shadyAug 2, 2020
Hello all,

After listening to community feedback we have arrived on the following rule change:

The Harassment rule has been replaced with the new Abusive Behavior rule.

The wording is as follows:

Any form of severe personal attacks toward another user(s). Including, but not limited to harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, sexually explicit, slander or otherwise objectionable language, or excessively berating a user for game-related reasons. If filing on behalf of another user, one must show the consent of the harassed person.

The punishments will be the same as they were for Harassment:

1. Warning
2. 12 Hour Suspension and 24 Hour Forum Suspension
3. 24 Hour Suspension and Forum, Comment, and Chat Ban
4. Site Ban

I want to point out a couple crucial distinctions between the previous Harassment rule and the new Abusive Behavior rule and how it will affect users:

1. There is no requirement that you must have been "told to stop". Notes will be less prevalent in reports for Abusive Behavior than they were for Harassment.

2. The line "excessively berating a user for game-related reasons" was included purposefully as an example. We will not be moderating this with a heavy hand but we will be doing our best to keep the games a healthy environment for everyone. This is a community vio so it doesn't apply just to ranked games. Also, the requirement of having the consent of the harassed person is still there, so no "vio farming".

Thank you, and remember it's okay to be nice to each other :D
charleyAug 2, 2020
The cheating rule has been edited a little. Instead, cheating in multiple red hearts will now be a one month lobby ban.