Is soup a drink?39

yiff1mon 24d

soup and stew are drinks. it is acceptable to have them in a cup. They're liquid. you swallow without chewing. thats a drink

bouquet1mon 24d
omg nooo milk tea is NOT a soup ;-;
masc1mon 23d
its a cereal
yiff1mon 23d
Drinks are not eaten with spoons. Most soups are not drinks, then.
Yes but you don't need to eat with a spoon you can drink it out of the bowl

You can eat drinks also with spoons which means its also soup
Garou1mon 23d
everything is a soup if you're brave enough
rigby1mon 23d
applesauce is a smoothie
quasimodo1mon 21d
when im sick or lazy i drink a soup, then it is a drink
caitelatte1mon 20d
tigermom1mon 20d
what kind of tubby custard baby food soup do you swallow without chewing lol
giovanni1mon 19d
i hate this post
quasimodo1mon 19d
you know the soup where it is just being the flavor of a vegetable? that is being the type of soup i am drinking without a chewing.
quasimodo1mon 19d!
what kind of tubby custard baby food soup do you swallow without chewing lol
there are a lot of foods with the name containing "soup" that exist which require no chewing actions to consume, such as tomato soup, all of those "cream of" soups... the action that happens to consume these soups is that of a sip, from a spoon or straight from the bowl in an act of laziness, a sip, which is relating to drinking, "a sip of water" if you may. the point of my original post was to say "in some situations, soup is a drink"
quasimodo1mon 19d!
in any other situation of a soup, one of the soups which contains "bits" or "chunks" or, simply, "chewables" would be a soup in the same way cereal is a soup and soup is a cereal and gazpacho is actively both at the same time
quasimodo1mon 19d
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tigermom1mon 19d
smoothies are soup
rigby1mon 19d
smoothies are soup
applesauce is a smoothie
peach1mon 19d
milk is soup, soup is smoothie, sauce is juice, juice is drink
quasimodo1mon 18d
everything that has been said recently is true and i support you all
DoggieBone1mon 15d