Supervillain removed3

bansheewhat1mon 26d

Supervillain apparently bugs in setups where a Gallis gets a majority vote (they win with Werewolf). I have a setup where I replaced the Watcher with Supervillain in Thriller and it works perfectly fine.

Remove Martyr too because if he dies saving, the target's report gets delayed.

e.g. martyr on justice dying when maf targets the justice, the justice will receive the report at night. the same thing happens with neighbor reports; (the report shows at night instead of day start if the martyr dies saving them).

also imo how does lucid mis programmed it lmao? a simple win condition check at the end of the game would work.

bansheewhat1mon 26d
here's the perfectly working supervillain setup (i created it and zip bought me tokens):
denial1mon 26d
are you lazyyami or something
bansheewhat1mon 26d
yes. don't tell anyone.