Round 834 appreciation thread22

mandevian1mon 29d

So I came back from the dead in this lockdown. Won 4 trophies in this lockdown. Some people said I don't have the old skills anymore. I said I am better. Because I don't stop learning.

I would like to honor the below extraordinary individuals for being awesome and playing their best game due to which I had an amazing run this round.

The round was hammered on 8th day. I got 4th place 2 rounds in a row, got a silver after that, and finally got the Gold I wanted. Consecutive rounds.

Congratulations to two of the most amazing players who shared the podium with me.

Waza trophied playing casually. Basically had the same win rate as me until the last day. But no one appreciated him.

Michael trophied after having some great runs in the previous rounds.

Vote of thanks

1- I would like to appreciate all the people who flipped cop and did the optimal thing and carried the town to victory when I was cop.

Zippy, Waza, Juke, Julia, Brandon, Edark, Charley (and her lovely babies for letting her play), Phoebo, Illuminated, Lilies, jelu067067, Kitt, Daprinceomar (& Bobert for towntelling in that game).

2- For people who carried me as my mafia partner- Edark, Jeff, DarkB

3- Jeff for towntelling as either alignment when I was in his team. He hard carried.

4- Charley and Dope for towntelling as town in a very bad situation and carrying town to a win.

5- Atikur for taking all the time she required for lynching mafia when she had to scumhunt and hammer the mafia

6- Soda- For being my mafia partner in games and having fun with me

7- Michael- for showing me how to PR hunt. I read his games on how he PR hunted and got ideas from it.

8- Teampro & Teamrookie for making the round fun and exciting. I wouldn’t have run if not for this competition

9- Mods for allowing this town pointfarm setup to be comped. It is a broken setup which I had created in round 89 to run for a trophy (and trophied in round 90). At that time there was no rule for a setup having 100 plays. I convinced the mods that it was balanced. I won all my mafia games on main and alts and setup ended up being balanced. Now that good players flipped town this round, the point payout went back to where it should be. It will go further down.

10- Shoutout to all the haters. I will get back to all of you eventually. A few people who never trophied and have been banned for cheating, tried to single me out for something that everyone did this round. These people have zero clue about the phrase meta abuse and honest meta. They are just jealous and hate me because they never get the same respect and achieve as much I do. These guys just hate their moms. I will probably make a separate thread exposing the bias and hypocrisy of the entire role mod team.

cash1mon 28d
You deserve it. You played well.
bansheewhat1mon 28d
What did you do to be appreciated. Other than being gunned as my maf partner once.
i can't remember this game lmao but i always get at least 2/3 when I'm clear


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