Round 835 Discussion Thread70

Congratulations to the trophy winners of Round 834!

This episode on EpicMafia: Waza says he won't run but casually trophies anyway, Reverse got blacklisted and we were all happier for it, and the role mods take 'Shoot Pranay' seriously and launch a (failed) attack!




...and an honorable mention to 4th place!

Featured Setup:

Good luck to the participants of Round 835!

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zelus5d 7h
Good job for all winners and good luck for this round!!!
I think zippy, julia, and me are the ones with most consistent round finishes since this lockdown. Am I missing anyone? I got 4 trophies and 4th place 3 times. Last 5 rounds I got 2 trophies and 4th places by one game 3 times.

Julia has 4 trophies. Zippy has 3 trophies. Who else has 3 or more trophies since April 2020?

Most of my fav players are gone again. I don't feel like playing again. Most of the setups I liked are also gone.
Clair5d 1h
what are ur fav setups pranay?
mandevian5d 49m
FJ2.0, A&R, SDS.

These are the only setups I find challenging now despite being mechanically heavy. Same like 163.
Clair4d 22h
A&R? as in the one with the bomb?
Giga134d 22h!
I have 2 in 2 runs but I haven't the time to go every round, nor the time (or stamina) lol
Sims4d 21h
congrats to all of the amazing epicmafia trophy winners still displaying their expertise
cash4d 21h
Stamina, endurance, consistency, and motivation are key.
Clair4d 18h
please help me fill my quota of one nightvig multisetup game between rounds so we can finally comp it in 100 (or maybe 50?) rounds
What's your favourite way to get around town?