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deleted1mon 27d

Gauging interest, I have yet to make the setup but it'll be with normal roles (and no conversion). If I get an easy 12 I'll do it this weekend.

  • 3 mafia, 9 town

  • Instead of voting players out, town votes a player into the Circle of Trust twice per day. If town lets a mafia member into the Circle of Trust, mafia wins. If town forms a circle of 6 players, they win. If they cannot, mafia wins. There will be at least 2 night phases during which familiar power roles may act and mafia may make a factional kill.

  • Day phases are 36 hours, with one vote per 18 hours.

  • Night phases are 12 hours.

deleted1mon 27d
let's hydra
@object, can we hydra?
I'll allow you guys to hydra, just one hydra this game though not sure how it'll play.


- Players must always know which of you is posting. You can announce that you're taking over or preface messages with who is posting.
- Only use one account.
deleted1mon 27d
Also you can't do stuff like have one player submit actions and have the other be in charge of posting and be unaware of their alignment -- you must both confirm that you know your role.
blacksnakemoan1mon 27d
yeah that's cool, we'll use Grinner's acc and sign off with -G / -BSM for each post if that makes it easy for everyone?
SamP4Palmer1mon 27d
Hydrae are cool
Grinner1mon 27d
ill sign off with

- The cooler one, aka Supes
Grinner1mon 27d
or Coolia
blacksnakemoan1mon 26d
ill sign off with

- The cooler one, aka Supes
ok hang on everyone just discussing some things with my other head because it seems we have some disagreements about hierarchies of coolness


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