Vengeful Mafia Signups23

Gira1mon 27d

I will be hosting a game of vengeful mafia. Here is a link to the setup:


The following roles are used:

  • 1 Godfather
  • 1 Mafia Goon
  • 3 Vanilla Townies


The game uses standard mafia rules, with the following exceptions and details:

  • Nightless. The mafia have no night kill.
  • If the godfather is voted out at any point, the town immediately wins. (This is the only special quality of the godfather.)
  • If, on Day 1 only, one of the townies is eliminated, this townie immediately gets to make a kill. (See Vengeful)
  • The town does not automatically win by having the godfather killed in this way.
  • Mafia wins when there are at least as many mafia as townies, and the town doesn't have a vengeful kill to use.

If enough people are interested, I will host the 7 player variant found on that page. The deadlines for the game will be 48 hours. Please reply in this thread if you are interested in playing.

Gira1mon 24d
I need a substitute for MrE ASAP. The game is currently paused, I will give a deadline extension for whoever replaces in to catch up. Please PM me or leave a reply if you are interested.
krista1mon 24d
Grinner1mon 24d