My Academic Diary7

Apfel1mon 29d

This will be my wonderful diary of all things academic.

Sadly I have to wait until September to start my school year so I'm going write academic things here occasionally during this time of boredem. :(

Apfel1mon 29d!
1. Econ

Surprisingly, economic draws a lot of insight from historical records and writings.

But honestly, I love the statistic part of it because it's what makes economics economics.

2. History
Hmm....I think it's fair to say that History is a series of power struggle. The more I study, the more I associate "power" with history.

Of course, there are so many more other things. Military and political competition, racial issues, social division and all that kind of stuff. Since I'm reading about about the N*zi Empire, the theme seems to revolve around a lot of "competitions" and "violence", and some horrible policies.

Apfel1mon 29d!
3. The N*zi seem to have done horrible things. Reading the book made me come to a much more complete realization of this. And I would probably not going to write it in detail here.

Some words will make people feel uncomfortable.

Move on.

cowboy1mon 29d
what grade are u in
Apfel1mon 29d
what grade are u in
im... in ... uni

wink1mon 29d
what are you majoring in and how old are you?
Apfel1mon 29d!
what are you majoring in and how old are you?
Undeclared major in Arts/Humanities.

Wouldn't disclose my age here. For sure. Any woman over 20 would def prefer to keep it a secret. :)
Apfel1mon 29d!
A great video:

This motivates me to improve my writings.

My simple toolkit for writing:

1. Tone and sentence style
2. Word accuracy
3. The logic has to follow, no gaps
4. Connect ideas with people and reality

I think academic writing is dry and possibly a different breed but I will try to find my vibe.