Apfel2mon 2d

Can someone attach me some photographs?

Any photos from anytime before 1990s, with any story is welcomed. It can be any photos but it needs to be a photo. Before 1990 because I want to filter out the social media kind of photos. I want real photos back in the days.

Can someone also recommend me photographers that left influential/interesting work?

Please post one or two photos that you think is meaningful, to you or to the community, or just to anyone in general. If your photo is of personal nature please let me know the story behind it, why is it valuable etc.

Please enlighten me with any work.

I would also like to comment and discuss about photographs from various artists.

This is essentially just a photography post so yh feel free to post any photos and enjoy thy art <3 thank u

ApfelJul 21, 2020!
Pink vending machineee/harajuku

Lovely <3