Sam judges people (but nicely)118

SamP4Palmer21d 13h

Comment and me give you ranking from 1-100 on how nice/good of a person you are ^_^

Oh and uh if I dont know you I give you the base rating of 99

natu17d 11h
jk this should be a reflective moment and I should learn my lesson thanks for the feedback :)
wow reposting bc i got the lowest score of anyone u actually knew brb crying
tf u weren't the lowest lol
I'm feeling angy so no update yet
hello sam
julia11d 23h
Skittlez1311d 14h
cute thread
Kemo011d 14h
so sam i love ur duck :)
I’ll update this... soon
Clair11d 9h
sam i want a higher number
Matt1211d 9h
sam i want a higher number
can do
Update time! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
hello sam

u are a very good doggie!!! yes u are!!!!
Why thank you ^_^

I know that you aren't the nicest em player, but you've never been mean to me and I'd like to think we are friends


@ping @ping @ping @ping @ping

Hello my ping happy user. I think it is literally impossible for you to be mean. I have studied your every movement and I have concluded that you deserve a 200.

who am i to think ur bad at the game lol
ok you get a 5 point raise

reposting for the lolz
I remember why you posted this and if you ever need to talk again just dm me <3 <3 <3

wow reposting bc i got the lowest score of anyone u actually knew brb crying
i genuinely feel awful for what I said a few days ago and I cannot apologize enough
pls forgib me

hello sam
Ape! I remember knowing you from way before when I left EM for the year, and you are one of the sweetest people ever! I've only seen you get toxic one time, and it wasn't even mean enough to scratch a bug. 300.

You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's all I can say... words can't describe how nice you are... 500

Hi my name is julia I like long walks on the boardwalk and Panera.
You were so nice to me and I'm so excited to keep playing with you! 200
cute thread
lol I don't think ur the nicest person but you also helped me become a rolemod and I can't thank you enough <3


so sam i love ur duck :)
You told me that you wanted to roast my baby hopper and eat him

Evil Kemo0
Also you don't like me and it's kinda sad :/

sam i want a higher number
I am looking at the numbers and it seems as though I have committed typo. For you see, I gave you this horrid number of 185. I meant to say 195. Sorry for this incovenience.

I didn't really know you before you joined Greek, and I love your personality! I would like to keep hosting/playing with you and I think you're one of the funniest people on em <3
sam i will eat a toddler if you don't give me a raise from zero
sam i will eat a toddler if you don't give me a raise from zero

Eating toddlers?
How incredibly rude

just kidding you get a 175 because I think you try to be nice but you're also young and it comes off as really dumb sometimes


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