remove 'repeated' from Harassment4

the rules page currently states:


Making repeated/severe personal attacks toward or slandering another Epicmafia user when the user has asked the harasser to stop. If filing on behalf of another user, one must show the consent of the harassed person.

Repeated literally just doesn't get moderated. It's always "not severe enough" which isn't what the rule says so can we just change that.

alexandraJul 20, 2020
it is given for being repeated

if someone is following you from game to game calling you an incel, for example - it’s not a vio to call you an incel once twice or honestly even 3 times because it’s really non severe, and we aren’t kindergarten teachers. but if you’ve said to stop and they’re still going we’ll first note it and then vio it (i’m just using this example because it’s a real one that really happened)

if you’re complaining about real situations where repeated harassment from the same person is being ignored then please link these situations instead of speaking about them vaguely

there are definitely some situations where i can see repeated actions being no vioed (if they were really non severe like saying “sleepytobito is bad at mafia” i’m sorry but that’s never harassment)
MisterPresidentJul 20, 2020
It sounds like your main concern is instead about moderators' discretion related to the severity of harassment and when violations are given.
SonginJul 20, 2020
Repeated isn't a requirement either, as severity can result in a violation even if it only occurs once.
CodyJul 21, 2020
remove harassment from repeated