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Zippyvinman2mon 1d

There needs to be some sort of rule put in place to stop the rampant abuse of unranked farming by banned users who create host/villager, lyncher/fool, or blues/nilla setups to quickly farm up accounts to being able to troll and GT in ranked games. There have been an influx of GT accounts lately that are all created by the same people, or group of people, with the only intention of vio farming people and throwing games. You should only be able to farm unranked games if you are an experienced user with a certain score, otherwise the games should be refunded or shouldn't be allowed to prevent banned users from farming up games. They removed locked games from main lobby to stop banned users from farming up accounts, but now they just go into unlocked games to troll early on. Just allow locked games and ban the users who play them. Illegitimate site users are easy to see and there shouldn't be an issue banning them.

Banned: Patatoes GoCop Divaman DrPupper CutestBunny UglyTrash

Not banned: Ggman Protonmail

UglyNakedGuy WeirdChamp <--- look at the match history and tell me they aren't the same person. UglyNakedGuy is obviously UglyTrash too. They farmed up Host/Villager together. Anyone with eyes can see this.

Weird Accounts:

UncleJoe & PeerlessDad <-- why are they 3 day old accounts farming up lyncher fool together? Why do these tossers report other tossers?

Weird reporting Joe

Joe reporting Weird

Ugly reporting Peerless

Peerless reporting Ugly

Weird reporting Peerless

More, not yet banned, GT accounts:

easel Mafia435 lgh89

blacksnakemoanJul 20, 2020
i think some groups of friends use EM when theyre playing voice mafia
OH that makes so much sense, i didn't get it before thank u
i am banned user cody
i.. don't... believe u
DkKobaJul 20, 2020
not all the locked games are banned users.

locked games were used by groups of friends as well. we have plenty of proof of that.
This, in fact I remember being linked a video where a big name streamer in the speedrunning community talked about playing together on EM with his viewers
by "speedrunner" you mean iateyourpie?
DkKobaJul 20, 2020
not all the locked games are banned users.

locked games were used by groups of friends as well. we have plenty of proof of that.
lol I was part of a few of those from a Polish anime community
bansheewhatJul 21, 2020!
Also I really do think Redlarch's vio should OT'd or at the very least noted.

Banned users shouldnt be able to file reports but also it is very frustrating to knowingly play with a cheater and all Redlarch did was her best to rectify the situation and stop a rampant multiaccounter. Fair enough youre not allowed to take the rules into your own hands but i think it is very harsh for her to get a vio for this even if what she did was technically gt. A warning to tell her to wait to report after the game seems like a much fairer solution than giving a full on vio
The game should be refunded; that's what happened with konny and donny. Refund game = no vio
bansheewhat1mon 29d <-- look and see if this is a banned user
bansheewhat1mon 26d <---- my first impersonator!