What book is everyone reading?31

Apfel3mon 11d

Greetings, here's my first book post and I will write small comments and summary of the current books I'm reading.

Feel free to exchange yours:

Books I'm reading currently:

德國骨子裡的氣質 Basically a book about the observation of the society, norms, and accepted ways of living in Germany. The author spent years living there and made some detailed conclusions. I think a good translation will be "Germany's core temperament".

Watching the English by Kate Fox. This is also a fun book about the British. I think a lot of the observations are quite interesting. I love cultural observation like these.

Another book I always want to read is 1984 by George Orwell but I haven't have the motivation to read it yet.

Last book: Crises of Empire. Wonderful history book but again I have no time to read.

Please share your book. Thank you.

ApfelJul 23, 2020
Hey im rlly glad so many ppl respond to my post.

I rlly enjoy seeing what other ppl are reading. :p
ApfelJul 23, 2020
i havent picked up a new book in a while unfortunately but the most recent one ive read is "a woman's story" by annie ernaux. it is easily one of the best books ive ever read - its autofiction, meaning a slightly fictionalized autobiography, and the book is largely about the writers relationship with her mother both before and after her death (this isnt a spoiler because the book begins with her death)

its so emotional and intense, it really puts you in a new headspace. i HIGHLY recommend checking it out - the book was originally written in french but theres a pretty great english translation out there
I love books about parent-child relationships. I believe there can be many stories and aspects to this particular kind of bonding.

Thanks for sharing!
ApfelJul 23, 2020
I have 6 pages left in A World of Ice and Fire. Then I will probably do either The Two Towers or The Witcher series.
Damn. I never read anything from The Game Of Thornes. It feel like I'm missing out a great series.

Go go finish that 6 pages!!
ApfelJul 23, 2020
SPF recommended "The New Jim Crow" that my bookstore had a copy of. Looking forward to getting into it~
Cool! That seems a harder book imo. But I always love more academic-oriented books tbh.

Good choice!
ApfelJul 23, 2020
Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. Would recommend for fantasy adventure lovers.
Wow I actually love fantasy. Movies seen plenty but books not alot. Guess Ill read this!
ApfelJul 23, 2020!
somebody here recommended I read the catcher in the rye

and i still havent finished it

I happened to have heard that book before. :p

Hope you finish soon! Enjoy!
ApfelJul 23, 2020!
n im going to read a fantasy for my next book
Cirno1mon 26d
arctica1mon 17d
Rei Shimura novel, I love tragic stories and would like to read them, but my mind is too occupied after work. I've noticed good old romance is good for me.
xela1mon 13d
Every month I spend some time to read the Art of War so I can have some back-up to my claims on why my team are a bunch of spuds holding me back from climbing the ranks in Valorant.
Giga131mon 11d
You Are Awesome - Neil Pasricha