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cash2mon 4d

Accounts owned by Matt


2-sleepinheaven (belonged to the bestest man on EM earlier (Benny)






Trophies won

20 Trophies-Second highest on EM

1- Silver on soda17 in Sep'13 (VDLI, SDS)

2- Bronze on soda17 in Dec'13 (A&D, Jan2.0)

3- Silver on soda17 in Feb'14 (Ying Yang Chaos, SDS w ML)

4- Silver on Silhoutte in Feb'14 (Jan2.0)

5- Silver on Glacial in Aug'14 (TSIB)

6- Silver on Glacial in Feb'15 (B2NS)

7- Gold on Silhouette in Apr'15 (BV)

8- Silver on Apple(sider) in Jul'15 (Jan2.0)

9- Silver on Beam in Nov'15 (BV, TSIB)

10- Gold on Sly in Dec’15 (VDLI, BV)

11- Gold on Soda in Jul’16 (B2NS)

12- Silver on Sly in Jul’16 (HI)

13- Gold on Soda in Dec’16 (Armed & Santa)

14- Bronze on matt in Dec’16 (Jan2.0, FJ2.0)

15- Silver on Apple(sider) in Aug’17 (FJ2.0)

16- Silver on Transcend in Mar’18 (Jan2.0)

17- Silver on Transcend in Apr’18 (B2NS, FJ2.0)

18- Silver on matt in Jul’19 (TSIB,VDLI)

19- Gold on Transcend in Jan’20 (CBA)

20- Gold on Sleepinheaven in May’20 (Jan2.0) (fun facts about trophies)

Gold - 6

Silver - 12 (highest ever)

Bronze - 2

Deleted accounts

71ados, acquiescence, DOGGIE, Apple<sider>, Beam, folio, Glacial, judicious, Rockstar, sleepincolor/heaven, sly, soda, soda17, tourmaline, Zeolite and several others that weren't as memorable.

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matt1mon 7d
It really does suck but i'm happy to have been beaten by her. She's improved tremendously and Is in the A+ tier of my list.
matt1mon 7d
Given that i have the most silver trophies on this website by a considerable margin, I suppose it's fitting that I remain in 2nd overall.
cash1mon 7d
If the vaccine isn't distributed soon enough, I might break all records of epicmafia.
krista1mon 6d
GJ matt, you played great this round and deserved the bronze!! i wish we could've trophied together, but i already know you'll have the most trophies soon
matt1mon 6d!
You got two in a row. Not many are capable of doing that.
cash1mon 6d
831- 4th place

832- 4th place

833- silver

834 - gold

835- 4th

840- silver

Thats me. 2 in a row and 6 rounds in a row in top 4.
julia1mon 6d
cya winter break
Matt you are the best mafia player in my are always super fun to play with and i am so glad you have met you bro. Good luck in school you're are smart lad and will do great. Luvyabrudda
wrong thread
alexandra1mon 6d

matt1mon 6d

Another difficult loss today

First my aunt, then benny, and now one of the beloved workers at the children's program in my church had a stroke this morning and passed away out of nowhere.

Times are rough.
DarkB1mon 6d
Sorry to hear that. Try and find a way to meditate or clear your head. I've been there.
matt1mon 1d!
Ladies n gentlemen:

I bought one today! It was super hard to find one, and when I walked into the store, there were several other people wanting the same thing as me. I think I came at the perfect moment. I rode on it a little bit. It was an awesome experience. However I rode my new bike after a grueling 9 hour shift without having eaten much. I was so tired and so thirsty after my ride. I went out for some bbq with my dad and right when we were about to leave, it started to rain and storm pretty bad. I do have the day off tomorrow so I'm gonna spend lots of time riding it!
alexandra1mon 1d
congrats on the bike woo!!!! love the colour
Hunt1mon 1d
All you need now is 3 more friends and Synth music. Then you can meet some Aliens.


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