How to fuk with mods12

cash2mon 6d

This is a game coupled with an underlying agenda (one that I will explain, and one that only I will know)

First we will select a tribute who will file all the reports

1- Winners of this game will get immunity from being reported by other participants for 3 rounds after this round

2- Each player who joins this game, is not allowed to file any report on anyone in round 834. If they do, they will be thrown out of the game

3- If any participant really needs to file a report (something that they can't endure), then they can make their case in this thread. Our esteemed group of participants will review it, give a judgement, and then our tribute will file a report.

4- No matter what happens, you are not allowed to file a report against a participant. Even the tribute can't do it. If there really is a severe case, you have to highlight it in this group. We will discuss it here and take a decision whether we can remove the participant from the syndicate so that we can file a report.

5- The tribute has full freedom to file reports they want to. If you can bribe the tribute in any way, it is up to you. Tribute is not allowed to promise conjugal benefits, because our participants will be cheated.

6- We will see a lot of vio farming from mods due to this. They will be compelled to file reports on users when we don't file it. We will expose some vio farmers.

7- This will reduce the number of reports, and also make the mods miserable. They might even join games to play instead of exercising their egos on reports.

8- If someone files a report against you and you get a violation, you might need to appeal. Our tribute will handle that post discussing in this thread.

9- If you are participating, you have to tell all your alts, so that you can't bypass the rules of this game.

10- Underlying agenda- Reduce vios and banned users

11- If participants have issues with each other, we will moderate it in this group. We can banish the culprit and then file a report. Our motive is to resolve issues without filing a report and banning a person. Friendship is magic.

cashJul 15, 2020
I am also a participant. I will not file any reports this round. No matter what happens. We need to find a good tribute.
charleyJul 15, 2020!
why do you think we like doing reports?
blacksnakemoanJul 15, 2020
sign me up
mandevianJul 15, 2020
why do you think we like doing reports?
Do you also want to sign up? If any participant falters, our tribute will via farm them.
charleyJul 15, 2020
sure and i’ll do u one better i’ll personally not vio any of them
bansheewhatJul 15, 2020
This is going to flop lol. And I'm gonna watch this commune fail
cashJul 15, 2020
So you want to file reports? I guess you need just one vio to get banned. We provide protection against vios.
TranscendJul 15, 2020
Why am i not on this poll
MonteCarrloJul 15, 2020
7- This will reduce the number of reports, and also make the mods miserable. They might even join games to play instead of exercising their egos on reports.
sleepytobitoJul 15, 2020
what even is this like just get comp but it's the wild west? are we gonna be....mean?
SamP4PalmerJul 15, 2020
Why am i not on the poll
interestJul 15, 2020
are we allowed to file joke reports to waste moderator time ?


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Who is the worst Moderator? Because of whom we need a parallel moderation organization.