Bad jokes7

cash2mon 7d - I dont appreciate such jokes.

1- People in games will talk about it

2- Some day if matt isnt here and the new mods might think it is real

dadJul 14, 2020
I can understand letting abc by as he's a mental child, and letting eris go because he died and so its his second life... but Nathan?

Nathan is the biggest scourge on this website. I join competitive games with the hopes of obtaining a pixel trophy and to make my friends and family proud but I know it puts me at a heavy risk 50/50 of Nathan joining my games. Even worse, when he does get into my games, i'm stuck in his sharingan and can't get out. I just have to watch as the next 30 minutes of my life are his for forfeit while he rampages with malicious content.

I'm not asking that mods step in because that would put them at risk, but something needs to be done and something needs to be done fast. Stay safe out there guys, Nathan is watching.
pinguJul 14, 2020
preach it daddy
dadJul 14, 2020
bansheewhatJul 14, 2020
Wait... I thought cash shared account with that person....?
alexandraJul 14, 2020
i think it’s fine to have fun as long as it’s 1) not harassing and 2) clearly corrected later, because you’re correct that mods shouldn’t be spreading false info and one day that report might get confused for a legitimate one if there’s mod turnover. jokes are fine as long as they don’t go too far. i left a comment on the report clarifying that it’s a joke
HugoJul 14, 2020
A joke is fine if the people involved don't mind it. I request to delete that report.
blacksnakemoanJul 14, 2020
sorted and locked