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i'm not entirely sure how i feel about this one. in the current scope of the rules, i suppose it is correct that this wouldn't constitute targetted harrassment. he raged about losing autowin right? and it doesn't count as HC because zippy didn't personally attack sleepy per se. (one could argue attacking someone's intelligence like that IS actually personal but i'm not sure if i would and it's not really the point i'm trying to make here, so i'll move on.)

i am of the opinion that the behaviour in this game by zippy should be considered unacceptable. it's not outlawed because the rules don't cover it, but i don't think anyone in their right mind can defend this behaviour, or at the very least, a website that wants to curate an active userbase doesn't want to tolerate it. you really think randomdude98 playing a game he doesn't have much experience in deserves be berated like this? even if he does, do you think he'll bother to come back to play and learn to be better?

that's the long and short of my problem. i have a suggestion that i don't really have that much confidence in, but i think the idea is right. stealing from Blizzard's Overwatch report system, they have a couple of categories...

  1. Poor Teamwork
  2. Abusive Chat
  3. Cheating
  4. Griefing
  5. Spam
  6. Bad Battletag
  7. Inactivity

every rule here has an EM equivalent except, imo, one. i don't think the current rules page covers abusive chat well enough. you have hatespeech and harassment, but harassment requires a target.

tl;dr - replace harassment with abusive chat and zippy is a bad person

that's my two cents.

bansheewhat1mon 28d

This implies he was a role mod prior to being rolemodded again. I'm big brain
Clair1mon 28d
charley1mon 27d
whats up?
sleepytobito1mon 26d
something else i would like to add here, isp is just as valid a strategy. Not saying much, faking bad internet etc, anything daprinceomar does, is a strategy that can work. Just as much as berating people. Kinda hypocritical


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