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quasimodo6mon 19d

should not be allowed access to being sad

hahahaha tricked you thought i was going to say should not be allowed access to photographic devices or whatever it is jamal marley says

comment down below to find out if you're either a 1 or a 2

and then at the end ill tell you what 1 or 2 means

anyways have a nice day

this is your new truth. if you dont have whats assigned to you, get surgery. thanks

quasimodoJul 22, 2020
wrong! my ears are free! Like little chicken wings...
reattach them to your head and then attach the lobes. chicken wings are banned
3eveeLuvJul 22, 2020
the surgery was a sucsess : )
quasimodoJul 23, 2020!
the surgery was a sucsess : )
i remember the good old days, before this thread's hidden rankings were revealed, when i would have been able to say "welcome to the free lobe society" but, unfortunately i cannot do that, since i have been assigned at hidden ranking reveal as attached lobes. good luck on your new endeavors


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