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Rules+Sample Role PMs

Link to setup

The setup is mostly the same with certain changes to mechanics listed below:

  1. All Cult have a factional ability to cult on Night 1 and Night 2. However, Cult Leader must perform the Cult action if possible.
  2. Cult Leader may use an additional 1 shot Cult action on Night 3 and beyond. This action will only be consumed on a successful recruitment.

  3. Cult may not cult into a win. (for example: 2 Cult and 4 town on Night 2. This is to both prevent Kingmaker scenarios, and to prevent punishing town for hanging cult outside of CL in lylo.

Please refrain from voting on posts that have game related content. Especially if you are not in the game and alive.

Notable events:

Day 1 start: Page 1 (link)

bansheewhat is replaced by Gira: Page 35(link)

DarkB is hanged. Day 1 ends, Night 1 begins: Page 92(link)

Night 1 ends, Day 2 begins: Page 92(link)

Pinche is replaced by groseby

alive is hanged, Day 2 ends, Night 2 begins: page 104

Night 2 ends, Day 3 begins: page 105

aliveJul 18, 2020
bansheewhatJul 18, 2020
DkKobaJul 18, 2020
hi i was pr this was fun
your early reads were pretty spot on I was impressed
bansheewhatJul 18, 2020
i always out perfect reads because I'm so perfect <3
DkKobaJul 18, 2020
posted in the discord but gonna post here too. feel free to reply with any criticism you might have wrt this game
SuperJul 19, 2020
done. I'll join a new forum game in like 2 weeks maybe


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