Don't punderestimate me7

sleepytobito2mon 14d

yo so i thought it would be fun if y'all could give me words to make a pun out of

Or if you want to make a pun here are some words and examples:

bike - what did the bicycle say to their crush? I wheely bike you!

salesperson - a large family were selling boats, they had a lot of sales-per-son. (that one was mediocre but im still kinda proud)

I spent my final semester in the states, it was a term-in-al.

Honestly make all the puns you want, go wild with it, recruit me to make them, challenge me!

sleepytobitoJul 17, 2020
and nobody cared :'(
xelaJul 17, 2020
make a pun out of nobody caring
emilyJul 17, 2020
do a pun with the word sushi
ClairJul 17, 2020
instead of manufacturing puns, every time you do an organic pun in the wild you could post the anecdote here. more fun and more entertaining
blacksnakemoanJul 17, 2020
do a pun with the word sushi
sushi says, do a pun with the word sushi
SkathiJul 17, 2020
who commented on tobito's thread?

SuperJul 17, 2020
I care
Are puns fun?