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elliotica2mon 17d

im autistic and therefore have 50000 special interests, and i wanna share facts about all of them

if you want you can comment something and ask for fun facts abt it and i will deliver!!

i can not promise they will be interesting

Clair1mon 11d
i wish i exerted the aura of sheer dominance with the threat of blunt force trauma alone
elliotica1mon 4d
unlike popular belief camels dont have hooves! they have feet more assimilating a cats toe beans, soft and flat to navigate sand easily
turquoise1mon 4d
alpacas will be hired for free range turkey farms and shit to protect the turkeys from foxes! alpacas are extremely territorial and will up a fox after accepting the turkeys into their herd. despite this though they are very soft animals! they dont have sharp claws, hooves, teeth or horns.
i literally came to ask for alpaca facts not remembering that i had previously. i am so happy to hear this. i love my favorite animal even more now. 🥺
turquoise1mon 4d
facts about driving now, please.
elliotica1mon 4d
oh i have a good one for this!! back in ww2 there were a lot of different methods for driving a car, and one of them was just on pure gas. so cars would have what were basically balloons on top of their car filled with gas to be used as it drove. there were some obvious downsides to this though, like when the bag deflates it might cover the drivers vision, and theyre a pain to refill. also sometimes theyd pop. but they were pretty desperate because there wasnt any actual fuel.
turquoise1mon 4d
i love that cars are basically portable death traps and people are still super into them regardless
elliotica1mon 3d
the zombie disease in the last of us is based on a real disease, right now only found in ants! its where ants die and they will be taken over by a fungi called cordyceps, basically becoming a fungi corpse. other ants will go near them and get infected and basically go nuts, wanting to hurt other ants. it seems ants are way better at handling that than us though because theyre still around.
elliotica1mon 3d
also you can buy it, it APPARENTLY has health benefits
turquoise1mon 2d
fungi facts, please