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watermelon2mon 17d

ok since my last thread was such a hit, my celebrity status is now confirmed. i have been blessed by lucid to embark upon a meaningful adventure in the form of a blog.

you're welcome in advance

also a little basically irrelevant side note: emily is now kinda maybe sharing my blog

UpgradeJul 16, 2020
blogs are so outdated. Podcast or bust
pineappleJul 16, 2020
you can watch me stream if that counts as a podcast
UpgradeJul 16, 2020
you can watch me stream if that counts as a podcast
yeah im down but only if u stream EM while im in your games
pineappleJul 16, 2020
i'd agree as a joke but i'd still get reported
coldJul 16, 2020
emilyJul 16, 2020
why would you let the loud chihuahua co-host your blog
ok i thought we talked about this chihuahuas aren't cute enough to be me
emilyJul 16, 2020
i can't quote the food on mobile but that sounds good do u have pics
coldJul 16, 2020
no pics

if you would like specifics we had..

mango, lime & coconut chicken

cheesy paprika sweet potato fries

spinach, tomato, grape, cucumber, lime salad

i planned to do a teriyaki chicken noodle meal but underestimated the prep time and cooked late so that will be saturday instead
jukeJul 18, 2020!
swan made breakfast

emilyJul 18, 2020
did the pesto grow on u
jukeJul 18, 2020
no but if it did i'd prescribe u some
JuicyJul 21, 2020
dont eat beetroot pesto
mindfulJul 21, 2020
mindfulJul 21, 2020
that pink breakfast bowl DOES not have beetroot pesto in it. it's strawberry protein powder, thank you very much
jukeJul 21, 2020!
i have photo evidence
juke1mon 29d
today is swan finally sorts out her clothes day. today is a good day.

today is also i need to make 6k in a day day. today is a hard day.

later we are having a movie night in the 1k discord server which is very good, add me on juke#1111 if you would like an invite to the best discord server named 1k

in other news

juke1mon 29d
any rap recommendations send em my way


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