The Courtroom Part 2 - [Sign-up]35

mindful2mon 15d

Some people have been begging me to host another one so here I am! I made a lot of changes in this game so be sure to read everything before you sign up.

What's changed:

No eliminations in teams

New gameplay mechanics / investigation methods


The cycle will be "investigation -> trial"

Investigation involves collecting evidence for the case, talking to witnesses, and making a plan for the trial.

Your team will split up into two groups for the investigation, and you won't be able to communicate unless specified. (Most likely a planning phase right before the trial, with exceptions.)



  1. An advantage while investigating.

  2. An advantage in choosing the witnesses they want to present.

  3. A disadvantage in needing to provide burden of proof

The Defense

  1. An advantage from hearing the story from the defendant

  2. An advantage in not having to provide a burden.

  3. A disadvantage while investigating.


Vote for innocent or guilty.

Gets 2 points if the person was actually innocent/actually guilty.

Gets 1 point if they vote with the judge.

If they vote with the judge, & the person is actually innocent/actually guilty, they still only get 2 points.

Judge vote is hidden until jury votes.


A judge who's impartial decide which team provided the best arguments/evidence.

Witnesses / Defendant (Host)

Will and I will act as the witness(es) / defendants.


  • Must have discord and PM me your discord #

  • Comment which role you want (I may assign a different role to you if it's full)

  • DO not join if you're not going to be active. This requires a lot of participation & communication.

First come first served (Trolls will be ignored / muted)

xXAyannaXxJul 6, 2020
me wan be defense or jury
marryJul 6, 2020
this is literally gonna be so lit
grosebyJul 6, 2020
I want to join the Prosecution !!!!
mindfulJul 6, 2020
the spots for the jury & prosecutors closed!

1 spot left for the defense lawyer
Goodfella814Jul 7, 2020
How active do I have to be if I wanna join?
Goodfella814Jul 7, 2020
Like in terms of hours per day?
mindfulJul 7, 2020!
I'd say an 1 hour of high density of activity (it's fun i promise)

Since investigation we'll probably give you guys a full day, and the trial will take place for maybe an hour or 2 the next day

You don't necessarily have to be active for the trial as long as you use the planning phase before it for what to say
mindfulJul 7, 2020
Jurors don't do all that though. They just sit and read people typing sh*t during the trial and then discuss their thoughts with other jurors then make their vote.
Goodfella814Jul 7, 2020
Sure sign me up
mindfulJul 7, 2020
Send me your discord please
SonrioJul 7, 2020
wait omg can i do it
mindfulJul 7, 2020
yes you can if you can find one more player for the other team
mindfulJul 7, 2020!
they have to be able to be active though. will and i will make a lot of effort in hosting this game so afk players.
SonrioJul 7, 2020
o lol its fine then unless someone else wants to play.
mindfulJul 7, 2020
will found someone so you're in!


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