Discord Mafia games10

SamP4Palmer2mon 16d

Hi everyone! I've been having a lot of fun hosting discord mafia, and a new game is starting and I'm 4 players short(I'm not sure why but this is a busy af week :eyes:)! If anyone wants to join, just PM me and I'd be happy to give you a spot!

I'm also putting this down as a place where I post invite links for any new games coming up :D

SamP4PalmerJul 6, 2020
Hunger Games Theme - https://discord.gg/shEG8r
SamP4PalmerJul 6, 2020
You can also spectate the games if they are too scary 5 you :doge:
ellioticaJul 6, 2020
this slaps join it
GiraJul 6, 2020
what's the scheduling like on these?
SamP4PalmerJul 6, 2020
48/24, usually 2 days after the last one finished lul
SamP4PalmerJul 6, 2020
Hunger Games has filled! If you want to spectate/sub, you can still join the server!
SamP4PalmerJul 11, 2020
https://discord.gg/UJpwFF - Diso decided to make a game, check it out
twinfawnJul 12, 2020
DiSoRiEnTeDJul 12, 2020
Still looking for players, first come first serve!
SamP4Palmer1mon 27d

Nobody liked diso’s game so I’m doing a 6p
How smelly are you on a scale of 1-10