dead lobby in the morning57

Soluciones1mon 10d

hi, i play in the morning and theres barely any people to fill games. what could be done? is lucid willing to put money to advertise for more non american people to join the site?

Nobody1mon 9d
If you want to make someone an addict of this site, tell them how amazing this is. Heck, you don't even need to get new users. The number of banned users here are more than active users. Most banned users are not even malicious like mtlve and abc. Like Nokia. Do you really think he deserves to be banned. The rules, ego of mods, mods vio farming people, mods going out of their way to read games and give hc vios, are hurting this site.
I'm sorry but did you just say abc isn't malicious?? This guy is a predator - he legit targets girls under the age of 18 - going as far down as 13 and tries to blackmail them among other things.
Are you blind?
Apologies, I read that the wrong way and assumed you meant he's not, but after your explanation I see what way you meant it in.
Golbolco1mon 8d!
I'd like to know how exactly Lucid is a millionaire, too.

I fully support any advertising campaign for this website. I also found this game through friends, and they found it through an "online mafia" search. I cleared my cookies and googled "online mafia" and the first result is now We can do better. In fact, even we (the players) can do better because this website has a reputation of a bad learning curve and the few citations we have in media include a faked suicide attempt. Maybe if the website had more traffic than Lucid would take more notice of it, too. But then again you gotta give a little to make a little.

Also @OP: remember that the website lost a lot of people when Lucid blocked European players for a time due to GDPR. If someone were to reach out to non-American communities I bet we could reclaim a lot of what was lost.
No one has ever mentioned tokens. Tokens are like really really, what should I say, profit heavy. If ads sustain the site, the tokens certainly profits Lucid.

(I'm not saying anything about how those money should be spent; this is just an attempt to explain one of the reasons Lucid *could be* a millionaire)
Devante1mon 8d
even if 1000 users paid for 40 tokens that's a total of $8000 each year.

Do you really believe 40 tokens are purchsed anywhere near 1000 times in a year though? Lol
Skathi1mon 8d
I mean if we're speculating why lucid is a millionaire I'm assuming its cause he's a cornell educated engineer who managed to create a profitable gaming website when he was probably 20 and has only learnt more from there?
Soluciones1mon 8d
i agree with cash's idea. allowing gnh into comp may bring new players who only play reds. maybe some of those players end up sticking around for more time if theyre challenged with better strats and plays, and can bring people they know, etc.

but i think theres also an issue with comp players getting burned n bored p fast w the game and with the site, maybe its bc of the repetitive setups or bc games r sometimes v toxic. bringing back having all setups include a certain role each round may work.

also looking at the lobby rn, 3 gold hearts and no red hearts. theres clearly an issue with no new players coming, and only lucid can fix tht with advertising cause he's the one making money from the site, it has nothing to do with him being a millionaire or not.
Soluciones1mon 8d
skathi to make lucid come here you n the other mods need to stop handling reports. or close them all with a no vio.
Giga131mon 7d
It's way better now than it used to be

I used to have to wait 45 minutes to an hour to fill a competitive game before school in 2011/2012
Giga131mon 7d
4am-8am has always been dead
Clair1mon 2d
this is now a free shmeur thread, a potential morning player banned....
>allowing gnh into comp may bring new players who only play reds

im spitting out my diet dr kelp right now, who ever said sketch comedy was dead
just in case lucid come back to visit...

i hope im not forced to make a discord to keep up with players i miss
today there were no red heart games, only comp games, which means theres no new players. none.
Cody10d 1h
did mtlve actually get banned?

most obvious tosser that I'd ever played with, bless
milton10d 1h
did mtlve actually get banned?

most obvious tosser that I'd ever played with, bless
ya she got banned a few months ago
alexandra10d 1m
lucid isn’t willing to put any amount of time or effort into the site, and i doubt he’s willing to spend money on advertising

your best bet is finding a new, active site
alexandra10d 14s
frankly there’s no point in even advertising to new users when we don’t have the ability to make any kind of changes to the site

why advertise something that’s broken