Magic Trophy87

Hugo1mon 5d

I have elected myself as the King. I will be choosing 8 Champions for next round. Rules of the game are as below.

1- Each Champion will play 5 hearts on my chosen Account.

2- Each Champion will be assigned a day of the round. For example, Champion 1 will get Day1, Champion 2 will get day 2.

3- After each Champion is done playing their 5 hearts, password of my account will be changed to a new password. After all champions are done playing, I will change the password.

4- Champions should not change the password.

5- A champion will not play the same game played by the chosen account. Because there is conflict of interest. So if Champion 1 is playing a game, then Champion 2,3,....8 will not play on the same table.

6- Correction " Mods have allowed this in the past, so they can trophy on their own accounts as well"

7- The responsibility of anything that happens on the chosen account will rest with me as I am giving my password to my Champions. So if there are any vios, I will own up to it.

8- Champions are not allowed to throw any games against other runners.

9- Champions do not fuking cheat.

10- Champions should not send PMs while on the chosen account. Do not post in forums.

I request my favourite players to come forward so I can choose them as my Champion.

Requesting one Champion to tell me how to add visible tags to players added in game mode on this thread.

Today the King himself will play!
Pinche28d 7h
nah I’m playing today and Pranay switched to Sunday
pranay774428d 2h
The Night King has been killed in Night school. But they have broken the wall. Ser Arthur Dayne has picked up 2 swords. He is ready to slice and dice.
Hugo27d 15h
How to avoid being n1d? - Be the host. Chances of being n1d is low.
panthero27d 13h
It was really fun to have you guys in this journey. I hope we can do this again with a few more champions. I think we do not have a chance to get that Magic trophy this round.
interest27d 13h
put me in for the next one pranay
Hugo27d 27m
Jeff played on Saturday. It is me today.


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