Draw my pfp at top performance5

DoggieBone1mon 6d

Draw my avatar as best you can i will judge the person unto the effort and skill put it(meaning that the top artist doesnt have gauranteed chance teehee)

Winner gets stickers

1st place = 10 stickers

2th place = 5 stickers

3th place = stickers.

Only 1 entry per person (if you use alts you will be disqualified.)

Flygon1mon 6d
this clown just wants free fursona pics
marry1mon 6d
i dont want stickers i want money
yachi1mon 6d
my commissions are open but i will not draw furries
SHERK1mon 6d
why dont u ask flygon, a KNOWN furry,
SHERK1mon 6d
coincidence that hes the first 1 in this thread???
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