Team Rookie vs Team Pro347

Skittlez131mon 6d

Welcome to Team Rookie vs Team Pro. Teams of 13 will go head to head for 5 rounds to prove who is the best of the best.

Team Pro:














Team Rookie:














Qualifications: If you have 4 or more trophies across all accounts you will be placed in Team Pro, if you have 3 or fewer trophies you will be placed in team Rookie. I will need to see that you have 3+ or less than 3.


1 player per 5 hearts, per round. The team can organize the order of who plays on which day as they wish, but the schedule has to be filled out before the first heart of the round is played for each team (similar to how the batting order has to be set before the game in a baseball match). If there are any changes that have to be made because of schedules or stuff, then that's fine. Having team chats on discord could be helpful for organizing this, I'll create a server after signups for the teams to use if they wish, and control everything there.

5 hearts per player, per round.

You cannot play two rounds in a row, unless your team does not have enough players. This gives everybody on the team a chance to play. Everybody on the team must play at least one set of 5 hearts in a round before anybody can play a set of hearts for a second time throughout the 5 rounds.

You may still run on your own accounts if you are part of this competition as well--will have to check with moderators about trophy eligibility but I honestly don't see the problem if you only played 5 hearts out of an entire run for an account and trophy on your own account as well--it's the same thing as playing a few hearts for a friend really.

If you are participating in the competition, you MUST join the discord server, however. If you do not join before the start of the competition, I will assume that you are no longer interested in participating and your spot will be given to somebody on a waitlist, assuming a waitlist starts up.

Maximum 15 players per team.

All other site rules apply.

(Thanks Giga)

Good Luck and may the best team win

michael16d 12h
So I was informed that it's because everybody on the TeamPro account played the same number of hearts and pranay is trophying this round, so the TeamPro trophy is "equally" his. My argument is that him and michael only played 10% of the hearts on the account each. So it's only 20% theirs, and 80% others'. My argument is it's still less than 50% so they should be able to trophy. However, no one person played more games than another, so therefore they theoretically would be winning 2 trophies in one round....

As a hypothetical comparison, let's say 2 players are in first and second. They also have a team account which they share that is in 3rd. Should that team account be DQd? For the sake of argument, let's say they avoided playing with each other. I say definitely no, so this is kind of the same thing. I can see why it's being DQd but I don't think that it should be either, since only 20% of the games were played by winners. This is uncharted water though so honestly who knows what should be done
I didn't play any hearts on team pro this round
PotatoPlayz16d 3h
can i still join this-
bobert78916d 3h
Uh Potato it's a bit late but we can have you on the shortlist if somebody has to drop out
waza1916d 1h
she wasnt asking about teamrookie bruv
Sunflyer15d 19h
Could I join TeamRookie whenever a slot opens?
Zippyvinman15d 18h
she wasnt asking about teamrookie bruv
Team Pro is waiting for PotatoPlayz to be our next star player.
NeverJest15d 16h
Someday I'm gonna join one of these and go 0/5 then quit in embarassment
Who is winning?