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joqiza1mon 11d

Game has begun!

It is the summer of 1789, and the spirit of popular sovereignty has gripped the state of France. The entire nation is on the cusp of revolution. Only weeks earlier, insurgents in Paris stormed the Bastille and executed the Governor Marquis.

You live in a distant town on the outskirts of the country. You and your fellow citizens have seized the château and deposed the town’s feudal lord. The monarchy, taxed by rebellions in the capital and desperate to maintain control, has allied with the town’s local mafia.

As one of nine influential members of the town, each day you may vote to execute a player by guillotine. Two of your fellow citizens are secretly members of the mafia, working to undermine your efforts by conducting assassinations at night. If you cannot identify and eliminate them before they attain a majority, the uprising will fail.

Good luck. Vive la révolution!

Please make sure to read the rules list if you are playing.

This is a closed normal game, as defined by All relevant roles and modifiers can be found here: Please contact a host if you have any questions.

Any spectators wishing to join the spec chat for this game can contact me either on EM or Discord.

Game events:

  • Day 1 begins. (pg 1)
  • staypositivefriend replaces Flygon. (pg 18)
  • nbtnbt5 is executed. (pg 62)
  • debaser is killed. (pg 62)
  • groseby is executed. (pg 128)
  • sinead is killed. (pg 128)
  • marry is executed (pg 171)
  • Super is killed (pg 172)
  • krista is executed (pg 172)
debaser1mon 5d!
great game y'all! i enjoyed watching from the sidelines after my tragic n1. the moment i learned the scumteam i knew we were more-or-less screwed, but all my town homies seriously put up a great fight. i'm proud


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