Dead Man's Chest47

Spooky1mon 7d

Liar's Dice

  • Spot on -> On
  • Wild Ones -> Off
  • 1 round

Game: 1 v 1 against me >:)

Only 1 game max / person (you lose = you're out)

To enter write something nice for/about me uwu~

If you win against me you get 1 sticker of your choice <3

Doing it till game mode is full of people (I think it's 30)

MrE1mon 7d!

i like your videos
Spooky1mon 7d

Another win for me :3
Spooky1mon 7d
wait how do you play liar's dice
I can play a practice round with you if you want

But you need to give me a compliment to enter :3
Spooky1mon 7d

Another soul gone
Spooky1mon 7d
SamP4Palmer1mon 6d
Let’s play later today Sir Spooky, the bestest moderator man
Spooky1mon 6d
Message me if you can play!


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