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Hugo3mon 6h

Post here to find out the answers to below questions regarding my epicmafia account sharing.

1- Will I share my epcimafia account password with you?

2- Will I let you play on my running account?

3- Rating out of 10 on how well you can emulate my play style.

4- Ranking of how good you did or will do on my account in my opinion

5- Whether I will let you play on Hugo or not.

6- Whether I will trust you with my Bank account or not

The sequence of players in the top right corner is preference list of who I'd want to play on my running account.

jukeJul 2, 2020
im listening
JuicyJul 2, 2020
im also listening
cashJul 2, 2020
Are you two different people?
charleyJul 2, 2020
xPookyJul 2, 2020
HugoJul 2, 2020
im listening
1- Password- No (because you will rack up vios on my account)

2- Running Account - No (because I don't think you will be able to avoid being lynched on my account)

3- 8/10-I think you are very versatile and you can easily emulate any style. My style is easy to emulate

4- Since you are first to be ranked, I will rank you 20th. Since I expect at least 19 players to do better than you on my account.

5- No. Not even if you pay for it.

6- Yes. Definitely. Because you have integrity in my opinion.
HugoJul 2, 2020
1- Yes. Because you are admin. So if you do anything wrong, I can get it reverted to stats quo.

2- Yes, because you will tell people it is you on my account and they will not lynch you.

3- 6/10 - I think you have certain limitations which will keep you from emulating my style.

4- You will be ranked 7th. Since I think there are 6 other players who would do better than you.

5- No. Hugo has a reputation to be maintained.

6- No.
HugoJul 2, 2020
1- Yes. I think you will never break any rules if you are on my account.

2- Yes. Because I think you will run better on my account than you will on your own account. I think you do not try as hard on your account. But you definitely will give 200 % on my account.

3- 5/10 I think you have a play style that you can't get out of. You might try and maintain character for a few minutes, then you will impulsively get back to your own persona.

4- You will be ranked 3rd. Because I think there are 2 players who would do better on my account.

5- No. I doubt you will do justice to Hugo.

6- Yes. I just feel like I can trust you.
HugoJul 2, 2020
1- No. I think you might get hacked.

2- No. I don't think you can run as you won't try.

3- 4/10. I think you don't know how I actually play.

4- Rank 21.

5- No.

6- Yes. Definitely. I get good vibes from you.
bansheewhatJul 2, 2020
ZippyvinmanJul 2, 2020!
Hugo can I have the ability to play on Pranay7744alternate? Also rank me!
deletedJul 2, 2020
I'm a 10/10 for emulating your play style
HugoJul 2, 2020
1- No

2- No

3- 8/10 - I think you have it in you to emulate any play style

4- Rank 22

5- No

6- I don't get good vibes from you. So NO.
toxic1Jul 2, 2020
HugoJul 2, 2020!
Hugo can I have the ability to play on Pranay7744alternate?
- Id give the alternate account to anyone. Not special. But first I have to win a trophy on it. Then I will share it with anyone.

1- Yes

2- Yes (not because I think you will do good, but I think you will have as much fun as I do on my account without racking up vios)

3- 9/10

4- Rank 8

5- Yes. You have earned it.

6- Idk man. You look like someone who would befriend someone and marry them and stay with them for 20 years and then run away with all their money.
Goodfella814Jul 2, 2020
Pranay time
bansheewhatJul 2, 2020!
6- I don't get good vibes from you. So NO.
Fitting. I just looked at my stats recently and I learned that I play better as Maf than Town.
HugoJul 2, 2020
I'm a 10/10 for emulating your play style
1- No. I think you will rack up vios on purpose

2- No. I don't think you can even walk.

3- 10/10 . Totally agree. You have it in you to emulate anyone I think. It is quite easy for you to emulate everything I do and even win games the same way I win. I think you can basically become me. If I ever have a will on epicmafia and I decide to leave, I would be happy to give my account to you. I don't think anyone will even notice.

4- Rank 9

5- Yes. You have that charisma

6- No. Fuk off. I think you will use that money to buy drugs.
HugoJul 2, 2020
Pranay time
1- Yes.

2- No

3- 8/10

4- Rank 17

5- No

6- Yes. You look like a good fella


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