Account Sharing111

Hugo1mon 12d

Post here to find out the answers to below questions regarding my epicmafia account sharing.

1- Will I share my epcimafia account password with you?

2- Will I let you play on my running account?

3- Rating out of 10 on how well you can emulate my play style.

4- Ranking of how good you did or will do on my account in my opinion

5- Whether I will let you play on Hugo or not.

6- Whether I will trust you with my Bank account or not

The sequence of players in the top right corner is preference list of who I'd want to play on my running account.

Hugo1mon 11d
OK pranay
As I said in the game, I don't know you.
Hugo1mon 11d
im only concerned about #6
1- Yes

2- No. You do not dedicate yourself to the game enough.

3- 5/10

4- Rank 14

5- No

6- Yes
Hugo1mon 11d
1- Yes. You already have

2- Yes, you already have

3- 8/10

4- Rank 10

5- Yes. You have earned it.

6- No.
Hugo1mon 11d!
1- Yes

2- No. You will be lynched all the time because you will not play like I do as town. Your town game is basically my scum game.

3- 3/10

4- 18

5- No

6- Yes
Hugo1mon 11d
1- No. You are very prone to getting vios. You have the same temperament as me, but you are not able to control yourself. I already have 2 Harassment vios.

2- Yes. You play basically the same way I do.

3- 9/10- As I said. Some games I thought you were me.

4- Rank 11

5- Yes. Because You play with one goal. To win.

6- No. Someone whose name is "dontcare", I really feel uncomfortable
Hugo1mon 11d
ah hi yes I am complete new user
I mean to say that samP4Palmer can play for SamP4palmer2
SamP4Palmer21mon 11d
aw rip
Hugo1mon 11d!
1- Yes

2- Fuk Yes

3- 10/10. I think it is a piece of cake for you.

4- Same Rank as SPF. You are the living embodiment of whatever I represent as a gamer.

5- You can have Hugo Pro Max

6- If you were not a virgin, I would. Virgins are known to change their mind and spend all money on a pu$$y they can't get
Hugo1mon 11d
1- yes

2- Yes. You will do as good as I do.

3- 9/10

4- Rank 9

5- Yes. Because your roleswapping abilities are awesome.

6- No way.
Hugo1mon 11d
let’s do it pranay
1- No. I don't know you well enough.

2- Yes. I think you can win.

3- 5/10

4- Rank 13

5- No

6- No
Hugo1mon 11d

1- No

2- Yes

3- 9/10

4- Rank 20

5- Yes

6- Yes


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When you play with me, which account do you prefer I play on.