S & J's Kitchen48

mindful1mon 12d

Juicy and I will post the pictures of food we've cooked for each other.

mindful1mon 8d
it's really long, it takes an hour. 100% worth it tbh
yachi1mon 8d
have u ever tried japanese sesame salad dressing it's amazing
cold1mon 7d
this thread is not about dressings
watermelon1mon 2d
this kinda slowed down huh
emily1mon 2d
where's the pic of the beetroot pesto pasta
watermelon1mon 2d
that didnt deserve a pic
mindful29d 19h
okay listen that's because you ate it like 3 hours later so by that time, it's already dry and you barely could taste the beetroot pesto
juke29d 17h
im glad i could barely taste the beetroot pesto


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what do you dip fries in?