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I apologize in advance if my post doesn't make sense because I'm writing this at 6:15am.

I never make threads about the moderators but we should not have a moderator who casually writes "I hate black people." in the forum. I don't give a shít if it was a joke.

Uploading a background with the black victims' names & putting up a donation link on the website does not make you a true ally of the BLM. This is grossly white performativeness.

The majority of the mods is white. Please check your privilege & do right things by giving a vio & ask Flygon to resign from the team.

I've filed a report here:

alexandra1mon 13d
posted in the round thread but copied here just so it can be resolved:

we did choose to demod flygon for what he said. i’ll let him comment further if he wants to, i really don’t want to speak for him, but on behalf of charley and i i’ll say this —

regardless of whether or not he meant what he said/had malice in his heart, he still said something racist that affected a member of the black community and chose not to apologize when confronted. it’s not fair to any member of the black community to have to feel unsafe with who is in power, and that’s why we made the decision we did


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