Farewell, friend!121

Citadel9d 8h

The world is a cruel place and I hope you've achieved a peace of mind. I wish you had let me in on what you were dealing with... I wish you had let anyone in on what you were dealing with. I wish there was something I could've done, had I seen it coming. But most of all ... I wish you were here with us today. It seems surreal to me that the happiest kid around, the selfless guy who did everything for the people around him, was going through such pain. The mask you put on to fight day after day without a flinch... It made it impossible to see the reality that you were living.

You were a wonderful friend to me and everyone alike. You were a wonderful brother to two lovely girls. A son to two loving and caring parents. An inspiration to many and most of all, an incredible human being.

If only I could say this to you in person. But I can't. The 25th of June will now be a day I will never forget for as long as i'm around. A day to remember you, friend. A day that marks the end of your journey. Too short of a journey.

Rest in peace, Benny. I truly hope you're in a better place now!


I hope you ... https://epicmafia.com/user/899225#/

Aiko16h 35m
RIP the homie I never knew you but i'm sure you were an amazing guy to be around. say hi to pop smoke, lil peep, kobe, and all the other legends up there for me :heart: