Farewell, friend!134

Citadel6mon 29d

The world is a cruel place and I hope you've achieved a peace of mind. I wish you had let me in on what you were dealing with... I wish you had let anyone in on what you were dealing with. I wish there was something I could've done, had I seen it coming. But most of all ... I wish you were here with us today. It seems surreal to me that the happiest kid around, the selfless guy who did everything for the people around him, was going through such pain. The mask you put on to fight day after day without a flinch... It made it impossible to see the reality that you were living.

You were a wonderful friend to me and everyone alike. You were a wonderful brother to two lovely girls. A son to two loving and caring parents. An inspiration to many and most of all, an incredible human being.

If only I could say this to you in person. But I can't. The 25th of June will now be a day I will never forget for as long as i'm around. A day to remember you, friend. A day that marks the end of your journey. Too short of a journey.

Rest in peace, Benny. I truly hope you're in a better place now!


I hope you ... https://epicmafia.com/user/899225#/

AikoJul 8, 2020
RIP the homie I never knew you but i'm sure you were an amazing guy to be around. say hi to pop smoke, lil peep, kobe, and all the other legends up there for me :heart:
topicalXJul 24, 2020!
I'm at a loss for words...I just heard of this very sad news today. Rest in peace, Benny. I'll never forget your friendship and generosity.
JM123Jul 24, 2020
wow, this is really sad. rest in peace
fifthelementJul 26, 2020
Hey everybody, Benjamin's sister couldn't comment on an account because it needed 20 games, so I'm posting on her behalf.

Hello everyone,
I have never played this game & made my account today.
I had one mission as Bens sister to find this page and let you all now how amazing it has been to read these posts.
I saw Ben on this game basically 24/7 and I new his love for it. Wether he'd play it before dinner was ready, while he was waiting for a League game to load, while we watched episodes of community together.
You guys were the people the that made him laugh, giggle & smile.
I never understood the game even though he would spend so much time trying to explain it. But I could always hear him either yelling at the computer screen or laughing at it and he'd be on this game.

Ben didn't have many friends come to our house growing up but I always knew he had friends weather they were from Uni or played the same game as him in another country.
It's taken me time to be able to read the posts as I got them sent to me but I can not explain the tears of Joy they brought to me when every single person had only positive things to say about my beautiful brother.
There was no doubt in my mind that there was only great things to say about him but I had no idea of how many people his great personality brought Joy to.
Ben was so loved by not only you all but his family and friends here in Melbourne.
We all wish there was something we could have done but I believe Ben is now at peace and creating his own awesome games in heaven.
Taken to soon but never forgotten, please keep Ben in your hearts as I will forever. Thank you again. R.I.P Benny ❤️

From Eliza Inverno
cashJul 26, 2020
Hey Elizia. Benny was like a brother to me in here. He was my first friend along with katie. I cried today for the second time after reading you. I am not able to get over this. 3 years ago a very close cousin brother of mine took his life. A month ago a very loved celebrity in India took his life. It is getting hard for me to get over all this. I just can't imagine how hard it would be for you and your family. I hope you come around here once in a while to see your brother live through all of us. He will always be here. His magic on us can never be forgotten and is immortal.
KatieJul 26, 2020
what the
KatieJul 26, 2020

i stopped checking into EM regularly about 5 years ago now, but i was lucky enough to have had the pleasure of knowing ben through here since i was 15 and he was 14 (it was long ago enough that when he added me on facebook my mum gave me a bollocking over it for stranger danger lmao). i owe so much of the things that have happened in my life to him. i was much like him in the sense that i've never had too many friends irl and i had a hard time with that during those years, but he wasn't just a friend or a crutch for me, he was an inspiration who helped to form the happier person i am today. i was friends with him in one of the most important and formative times in a person's life and he gave me a part of myself that still burns passionately to this day that i'm so thankful for. i'd spend all day at school looking forward to coming home to video chat with him and we'd stay up until ridiculous times because we were half the world apart, and i'll cherish those memories of sitting in the dark with him on my laptop at 4am as much as any memory that happened outside of my bedroom. he was so funny, kind and compassionate and i felt a bond towards him i'd never had with anyone offline. he gave me my confidence, my self-worth and my ability to love wholesomely and be grateful for everything i have, and in that way he'll always be alive within me and everything i do. even though we were so far away he was able to give me the inside jokes, the love and the advice i desperately needed to grow that nobody else cared to give me. at that time he was that friend for so many others, too.

KatieJul 26, 2020!
it makes me so sad to hear that this might not have been the case in the "real world", but the decade's worth of impact he's had on so many people here is more real than you could ever fathom and as a community we'll carry him with us wherever we go just from the way he's inspired us by consistently being a friend, and there are hundreds more outside of this thread. i'm so god damn sorry i failed him, and you, in the sense that i never thought to tell him this and will never know how it could've made a difference if i had. but at the same time i'm so grateful and this has taught me to be even more grateful and to share it with others and tell people i love them whilst i still have the chance.

i wasn't expecting to randomly stumble onto this today because i had no idea it happened, but even though i'm shaken by what's happened i won't be mourning him focused on grief. grief is temporary but i know i'll be celebrating all the gifts and the immeasurable impact on the person he made me in every single success i have for the rest of my life, and i hope more than anything that in time you and your family are able to heal your pain with this sentiment too. from what i know the invernos are totally badasses so i know you're strong enough to get through anything.

wishing you the best and all the love in the world. stay safe. <3
HYFRAug 17, 2020
I remember Benny. He was always a friendly player. Rest in peace to him.
deletedOct 10, 2020
SpookyOct 10, 2020
This is not the thread for that deleted user, but people should really realise that actions can have concequences. Telling people to kill themselves should never be allowed no matter what the circumstances.
SpookyOct 10, 2020
I still miss you Benny, always
I wish there was something I could have done to prevent it
SteelixMegaOct 11, 2020
im sorry that i wasn't here sooner because i was banned. i barely knew ya man, but you were cool. i don't know what your exact experience was, but especially as of lately, i have been feeling close to death that i just want to escape. rest in peace, man.
SpookyOct 11, 2020
I made a voice recording on youtube if anyone ever wants to know more about the situation

It's a bit of a cold video so if you only want positive vibes don't watch it