favourite sandbox setups11

caitelatte1mon 10d

What are folks' favourite sandbox setups? mine are:

  1. voodoo face-off: multi maf 4v4 voodoo ladies https://epicmafia.com/setup/1580150
  2. 1312 Box (by space): good sandbox roles no cops https://epicmafia.com/setup/1580044
  3. GUNSGUNSGUNS: 7-3-2 but town is entirely armsdealers or tricksters https://epicmafia.com/setup/1583481
  4. Guiser perfected: guiser + 7 loudmouths https://epicmafia.com/setup/544639
  5. Only roles Born likes 8p (by bornxlivedxdied): https://epicmafia.com/setup/1578173
  6. Bias Harder 2020 (by serra) https://epicmafia.com/setup/1579539
  7. Boom (5 terro vs 5 terro) https://epicmafia.com/setup/1517922
Attax1mon 10d
Serra1mon 10d
my fav setup https://epicmafia.com/setup/1579539
+ hot potato but sb has too many mobile users
and i made one thats just an absolute crapshoot for who will win but not as chaotic as everyone dying n1
Alyssa1mon 10d
https://epicmafia.com/setup/1493878 No visiting royale, where there are no night visits what so ever.
https://epicmafia.com/setup/1492915 opposite of that where there's a bunch of random fun night visits.

adding these both as meme setups to the mix
joqiza1mon 9d
https://epicmafia.com/setup/1539990 playing nauta's janked up guiser setup is probably the most fun I've had on this cursed site

https://epicmafia.com/setup/1581517 Mizzmox/Garou's graveyardbox is a blast but needs the right table to work
caitelatte1mon 9d
https://epicmafia.com/setup/1539990 playing nauta's janked up guiser setup is probably the most fun I've had on this cursed site
Just tried that setup, definitely janky, definitely guiser :o
deleted1mon 9d
https://epicmafia.com/setup/1576494 - one of the best setups I know
juicejuice1mon 9d
The one where CAIT IS ALWAYS IN :)
LeChuck1mon 9d
I enjoy closed setups 7-3-3 with non-unique thirds the most
maximillian1mon 8d
https://epicmafia.com/setup/1561590 kenma's yak in the box - yak like crazy and pray you dont lynch butterfly

https://epicmafia.com/setup/1544625 nimau's f--- men - like regular sandbox setups but better. i like how ambiguously gendered roles are included especially ones like werewolf
Golbolco1mon 8d!

And yes, I WILL report you for GT if you do not follow the strategy.
Golbolco1mon 8d
https://epicmafia.com/setup/1372345 Casino Royale - This is a really fun setup we used to play in 2016-2017.
favourite type of sandbox game

remove virgin from sandbox setups

does virgin provide any benefit? it's a silly lynch and makes people feel bad plus it would resolve any claiming virgin as fool qualms
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