Third Party Color11

banime1mon 10d

is the 3rd party color and fool icon yellow or green?

Alyssa1mon 10d
joqiza1mon 10d
yes. it is yellow or green
oldmaiden1mon 10d
its white like argentina
Stupido1mon 10d
The third party color is just yellow. But the fool's shirt is yellow-green
dooze1mon 10d

this is third party color
dooze1mon 10d

this is the fool shirt
Alyssa1mon 10d
Dooby1mon 10d
it is yellow. if u think it is green, ur wrong! next topic: when clown appears to fool as self, is THAT color green or yellow?
LeChuck1mon 10d
it might be green for you if you have bad eyes or a bad screen
nepenthe1mon 10d
it's purple
Golbolco1mon 9d
Only two choices: