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hi :D

im gonna use this to post songs and stuff i guess!

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hi emma

what do i get for commenting in this post
a highfive!

hi chris
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memba dat?
YES i used to have this in my old personal thread!!
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besta thread
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love sheep
whats your opinion on the wool industry?
u know for the most part it seems to be one of the least problematic animal product industries. hate when ppl are llike U aRe hUrTiNg tHe ShEeP bc like... we've literally bred them for thousands of years to relax when shearing and we are at the point that we need to shear them. and if there's a byproduct, it's worth making a product out of! sry! just my two cents!
i 100% agree!! it's kinda sad that they need to be sheared, but there's not much we can do.

aren't dairy cows kinda the same way? like, not shearing them, obviously, but milking them?
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let me just add in my unsolicited thoughts here:

some wool practices are controversial i.e. mulesing. it prevents the sheep from other problems but is controversial because they are removing the sheeps skin. best way to do least harm, if you are to buy wool products, is to not buy merino wool, as the merino sheep is the one most commonly practiced on.

i personally think wool farmed correctly is not very harmful.

dairy cows are a little bit different. just like humans, dairy cows produce milk when they birth a baby. just like humans, cow milk is meant for their babies only. this means that to have a productive cow from which you can produce a lot of milk, you need to have a cow who has had a baby, but you cannot have the baby drinking the milk, using up your production. usually calves and mothers are separated while the calves are still very young. the mother cow cyclically goes through impregnation and separation from their baby to be a good producer of milk.
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that's awful wtf

i always thought cows just. always gave milk oh my god..
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also i've worked at a couple cow farms so i can also say that usually they aren't allowed out to roam around (if they are dairy cows) they are kept in a big shed usually, kind of chained to stay in their little box. food goes in front of them and poop falls behind them, into a canal sort of thing which is shoveled out regularly. they cannot really move backward, forward, whatever. but they can lay down in their hay bed.
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and yes it totally does seem like they would! that's kind of the story that the dairy industry writes it out to be so it makes sense that people aren't aware of what's going on really.

i'm sure that there are some "better" dairy farming practices out there, maybe small local farms who let their cows roam and who milk the cows only when they by their own choice get pregnant and give birth when they want to. but i think that dairy farm wouldn't be very lucrative and i don't know why any farmer would choose to farm that way.

disclaimer: i eat yogurt and sometimes chease
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Best forum.
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excited for u to post sings and stuff u guess
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excited for u to post sings and stuff u guess
i said songs idiot
pls miss i dont think im supposed to be kicked from main can u PLS help me get back on main pls im begging u im too young to be in trouble
excited for u to post sings and stuff u guess
i said songs idiot
haha ogwam is an idiot


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best sheep


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