High Scores [Audience]13

mindful4mon 1d

Final Round: Trigon FRVR


Deadline: July 6, 11PM (UK TIME)

For audience: Feel free to share your ss if you're playing, but I will not add your score on the scoreboard as you aren't one of the players.

mindfulJun 27, 2020
Current player with lowest score: 4

Current player with highest score: 142
mindfulJun 28, 2020
Current player with highest score: 172
JuicyJun 28, 2020
someone get me that track on casette
mindfulJun 28, 2020
Bansheewhat is eliminated with 4.

Second round begins now!
bansheewhatJun 29, 2020
LMAO I forgot about this game supposedly I would try to get a higher score earlier but LOL
mindfulJun 29, 2020
Marry is eliminated with 21.

Third round begins now!
mindfulJul 2, 2020
Mindful, Mssbooklover and Yachi are eliminated from the fourth round.

Dooby left (reason: vacation)

Yachi took his place since she scored higher than mssbooklover.


Sonrio, SPF & Disoriented are eliminated!

Fifth round begins now!
DiSoRiEnTeDJul 2, 2020
It's ok, we can chill out in the Los- I mean the cool kids chat!
mindfulJul 3, 2020!
SamP4Palmer, Yachi & XxAyannaXx are eliminated from the 5th round.

6th round begins now!
HyperLithicJul 5, 2020
Elite competition rn, send help
HyperLithicJul 5, 2020
mindfulJul 5, 2020
7th Round - Slope

whyapplesoscum is out (did not turn in)

bsm is out (did not turn in)

bobert789 is out with 50

8th Round - Cube Wave

HyperLithic is out with 726

Grosbey is out with 549

Bananaox is out with 509
mindfulJul 5, 2020



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