trying to date during a pandemic5

DoDrugs1mon 12d

thoughts? tips?

hikineet1mon 12d
dating is the real pandemic #im14andthisisdeep
hima1mon 12d
well i started dating someone online literal days before lockdown started (not exaggerating - lockdown started here at the end of march/beginning of april, and i started dating my bf less than a week before it was made official), so i have a pretty good understanding of the situation.

firstly: it CAN be done, and it can still be a satisfying relationship! not being able to go out doesnt necessarily mean you cant build a meaningful relationship with someone, especially now that we have an actually usable instant messenger (discord) and also now that video chatting is so much more common than it used to be.

that said, being stuck in quarantine really changes the dynamic. idk if ur trying to date someone offline or online, but in either case, youre going to be stuck to phone calls and messages - no dates or scheduling times to meet irl. in addition, normally you have stories to tell from work or school or even just going to the store, but obviously not in this situation, so you wont be talking in the same way you wouldve been pre-quarantine.

all of these things are central to most ppls relationships, both on and offline, and not being able to do any of them can put an immediate strain on a relationship. but if you really want things to work, i recommend taking this time to get to know the other person - play some video games or watch movies together, and just share past stories! theres a lot of ways to bond and be entertained without physically being together, so i think it can work out if you really want it to :)
catboy1mon 12d
i have no relevant experience with offline dating but online dating is relatively unchanged during quarantine... the onyl problem is you cant like...plan to meet someone or anything

as far as things to do there are websites where you can share what youre watching with other ppl - rabbit may be gone but its spirit lives on with sites like, metastream, discord screenshare, and others i havent tried. i cant guarantee the usefulness of any of these tho

play games with them too! animal crossing, valorant, fortnite(i know.) any mmo, etc

im like halfway thru writing this and im realizing that even if ur dating someone offline its going to be a lot like an online relationship rn simply because of circumstances

as far as finding a s/o well........let me know if you figure anything out LOL im lookin too
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don't actually
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