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(Some are obvious, some are obscure)

Inspired by: Role Testing and Personal Curiosity

Last updated: Jul 16, 2020 EST (putting it right here in case Lucid comes back to fix bugs)

  • Cops with same sanity share the same night meeting.

  • Carolers, Comedians, Masons, Trackers, and Watchers share the same night meeting.

  • Snoops, Journalists, Bodyguard, Doctor, Surgeon, and Nurse have separate night meetings.

  • The leading Caroler is the one who visits, if blocked then the second Caroler visits.

  • Queen Bee delays not just reports but all night meetings. For example, if Doctor goes on Villager 1 and Queen Bee kills Villager 1 that same night while "bee-ing" the Doctor, the kill goes through. However, the next night Villager 1 would be immune even if the Doctor doesn't go on them (DELAY). The same thing for reports (it's possible to get two reports on 1 night)

  • Hunter shot does not kill Granny (and perhaps Gramps)

  • Virgin getting lynched provides death immunity for the next night, not just from Mafia kill.

  • Butler when shot during the day flips Butler. When married/ orced/ balled/ lynched however appears to be Blue. When shot while naked, will flip Butler. Butler appears as a Villager to Detective.

  • Super Sleuth achievement logic only requires for Cop to choose a Mafia member in his night meeting; he will get the achievement regardless of whether the target was lawed, driven, or even if Cop was hooked, etc.

  • Admirers have to be Killers first in order to win (I THINK BUG)

  • Ninja alerts Loudmouth when visiting (BUG)

  • Ninja does not die to Trapper

  • Vest logic is saving a person from death. A vest saves a bleeding person for one phase (e.g. stabbed Day 1, if vested, instead of dying at the start of Day 2, would instead die at the beginning of Night 3).

  • A vested Oracle reveals target when shot/ attempted to be killed (BUG)

  • Thief can't rob Mafia members (including non-meetings). However, Arsonist can douse anyone.

  • While all majority-voting Mason dies due to mismason, only the leading Mason actually visits the target.

  • Vest can protect from Diabolist' curse and Arsonist' match.

  • Day actions that requires vote hammer needs to hammer at the same time. For example, Hunter and Governor has to both vote for the day to hammer. However, once voted, it cannot be changed similar to a nl'ed gun.

  • Tracker and Scout does not have the "no one" option in their meetings. (I THINK BUG)

  • Sleepwaker can self-visit.

  • If Charmer goes to someone with multiple visits, everyone that person visit gets attacked each (similar to a Mafia meeting kill).

  • Janitor jans the target as long as that target dies that night regardless of how that person dies. Similarly, Disguiser will guise into a target as long as that target dies that same night even if it's not due to "Mafia meeting".

  • First Disguiser to vote to guise on the kill gets to guise. Same thing with Janitor (first Janitor to jan uses up their jan; the rest gets their janning back). (Needs more data)

  • If Orc is balled, the ball wouldn't work (only one role will get revealed). (I THINK BUG)

  • If Jailer and Interrogator tries to jail the same (non-Jailer/Interrogtor) target, the player with the newer user ID is the one who gets to jail the target.

  • A hooked Sleepwalker does not receive a joke/carol.

  • Just in: If Thief steals Miller vest, they would appear to be Nilla on upon lynch. However, an Actress on Miller flips Miller upon lynch. Same thing with Tailor suits (giving a Miller suit to somebody makes them flip Miller, not Nilla)

  • Comedian or Caroler tor'ed can't visit the Torreador who tor'ed them but can visit their intended target consecutively. (Bug)

That's it for now. I will add some few more later.

bruceweyneJun 23, 2020
If more than 1 guiser guises into the kill, first to pick in meeting gets the guise - please confirm.
PatrykSzczescieJun 24, 2020!
If in your meeting there's "vote" instead of "choose", it means the meeting is shared with other people who have the same role.

Hunter has a normal killing power, not lynching power, therefore ofc granny is immune to normal killing so immune to hunter killing as well, such as other certain people depending on role functionality can't be killed with normal killing, for example vested people will consume a vest when shot by hunter.

There are some mafia roles that can't target maf partners with their meetings while the other roles can target them.

Good luck in finding more things.
ClairJun 24, 2020
i think there are exceptions to the vote/choose rule
PatrykSzczescieJun 24, 2020!
i think there are exceptions to the vote/choose rule
Say one.
jukeJun 24, 2020


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