Anon Deck games w/ color text4

betmen15d 23h

Anon Games get a lot of shtick especially when looked at as an option to comp for not being easy to read due to the lack of colors. I am asking if it's possible for this to be brought up with Lucid.

Assign a random text color to each player in anon games

It cannot be that difficult as there is settings in place for special events in game like when a Party is hosted and everyone gets rainbow text

Anyways, I think this slight tweak will make people more susceptible to playing anon variants of established setups.

alexandra15d 23h
in the nicest way possible, we’re still trying to get lucid to do a lot more pressing things than give colors to anon decks

i agree with the suggestion but it’s literally like 30th on the list of things we will push him to do
Songin15d 22h
Pretty much everyone wants this, but like alexandra said, there's more pressing improvements first.
Zippyvinman7d 23h
This would be especially good if you could choose what disguises have which colors, rather than just randomized colors (or an option for random)
Shwartz992d 11h
if it costs 20 tokens to create an anon deck, making them colorful would make sense