Hogwarts / EM House Cup113

Upgrade1mon 18d

Alright witches and wizards I decided to add a little fun for the next few weeks of Epic Mafia Competitive play.

In this competition, everyone gets the chance to represent their Hogwarts house and compete against the other houses in a variety of ways, mainly through competitive gameplay.

I welcome everyone to pick their desired house in the poll, please note your first/only vote is FINAL.


  1. No alts, you may only use one account for this event. I suggest using the account you play the most / the one you try the most on.

  2. The event will start at the beginning of round 832, and end at the end of round 833 (two round total scores). This event should begin in roughly 2 to 3 days.

  3. Depending on amount of competitors, I will take the competitive scores of the top 5-15 players from each house PER ROUND to add an accumulative amount of points. This means you can do great in one round, and not well in another but it will not affect the overall team score, unless you are one of the top 5 (10, 15, whichever the decided number is)

  4. BAD BEHAVIOR DOES LOSE HOUSES POINTS! Any notes will lose a house 100 points, vios will lose a house 300 points, and suspensions/bans will cost a house 500 points. Any players caught cheating by rolemods during this event will be DQed and cost their house 500 points.

  5. Alternatively, trophies will GAIN houses extra points. A gold will grant 1000 extra points, a silver 750, and a bronze 500 on top of the total scores of the players.


I would love to have a "head of house" for each team to assist with point totals, keeping track of reports, etc for all players involved. If you do wish to be a house leader, please comment or PM me below.

PLEASE do your best to even out the teams. I understand that everyone has their house calling, but if Gryffindor has 46 people and Hufflepuff has 12, there will be an obvious disadvantage, so please do your best to make it a fair split among the houses.


Change your avi to your house, get a color text, make families for your house, my hope here is to bring players together in a fun, group competitive setting while encouraging competitive gameplay.






I wish you all the best of luck, and may the best house win!


After one of two competitions, here is the current leaderboard (please note this is prior to any of the report points that have been deducted)

1st - RAVENCLAW - 7327

2nd - SLYTHERIN - 5263

3rd - GRYFFINDOR - 4959

4th - HUFFLEPUFF - 4071

SamP4Palmer1mon 5d
Ravenclaw about to take some bread
Upgrade1mon 4d
Upgrade1mon 4d!
Updated point totals - Disoriented please note that you signed up under that account, no your DISO one, so I was unable to take that account into factor for Ravenclaw point totals
bobert7891mon 4d
oof we took an L. can u pity us and count my illuminated account that got 1813 instead lmao
Upgrade1mon 4d
oof we took an L. can u pity us and count my illuminated account that got 1813 instead lmao
You're illuminated?? nice job dude! I can't unfortunately...otherwise DiSo would have to get his points too lol
bryce19971mon 4d
bobert7891mon 4d
lol its ok. The hufflepuffs are happy for everyone else!
elliotica1mon 4d
What. I made the family ok DiSo and it was kinda obvious I was going to be playing on that account. It’s fine because we still won, but I’ll know for next round
Upgrade1mon 4d
congrats nonetheless on a good round, you did good on that account as well so the difference was only a few hundred points
sIeepless1mon 1d
Can we see the spreadsheet 🤡
Upgrade28d 7h
Can we see the spreadsheet 🤡
Sorry sleepless I just saw this, I honestly don't have a spreadsheet, I had written everything down on a few peices of paper to total points but those are in the trash now :(
Which house will you represent?