hey small town people whats it like23

DoDrugs1mon 17d

to live in a small town, my parents want to move next year and i want to know if i will die from boredom


  • population of 100k
  • no bus stops nearby (i cant drive yet)
  • signal sucks if it's even there
  • suburban houses for miles
  • most people seem to be boomer age or older ????
  • i dont even know, what can you even do here
kino1mon 17d
sorry to derail but do yall think that there is anyone else who plays epicmafia in your town
i know for a fact that two other people in my town play
shocking information
emsychum1mon 17d
growing up in a small town was actually horrible i told my mom id rather be living in a box on a curb in the city than come home
TedTonate1mon 17d
So essentially the midlands of England?

If there is no public transport, it can be difficult getting to big cities for social life and shopping. However a big benefit that I have living in a village with -5k people is the peacefulness of night time and even throughout most of the day. The views are great when taking a walk around and you can still meet small groups of people that share the same interests as you.
should i move to canada