Res/Necro + Mummy Kick Loop2

Flannel19d 2h

After multiple tests, if two or more reviving roles try to resurrect the Mummy at the same time, the game will be forced into an infinite kick loop, effectively breaking the game.

Happens with Resurrectionist+Resurrectionist, Resurrectionist+Necromancer, and Necromancer+Necromancer.

Flannel18d 18h!
Updated with Mizzmox's theory on why the bug happens:

This resurrection order very likely causes a bug that we were able to replicate. If 2+ resurrecting roles go on mummy, the game will break. My theory is that this happens because of the order I described earlier: since one resurrect gets cancelled out, the mummy killing mechanic may see the cancelled out resurrection role as both visiting the mummy and not visiting the mummy at the same time, causing an infinite loop.
Mizzmox18d 17h
The "resurrection order" I'm referring to:

We found that resurrecting comes in an order. If multiple resurrect roles go onto the same target, only one resurrect gets used. The resurrect that gets chosen to be used is based on who chose the target first.